Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love Blocks

This is one of my Valentines Day decorations that I just love.  And, it's super simple to make!

1 1/2 inch square blocks (I purchased these at Hobby Lobby, but you can easily cut your own if you have the tools)
Paint - colors of your choice
Letters - mine were puchased at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section.  They are made by Spare Parts.  You could use stickers, vinyl, or anything that suits you for letters.
Tape - preferrably painters tape
Mod Podge
Adhesive (if your letters are not already sticky)- I used glue dots

  1. Paint blocks with your base color of choice.  Allow to dry completely
  2. Tape off a square and paint the inside of the square (note, I have other blocks that I painted a 1 inch square piece of paper and glued it on.  That worked just as well.  That's a springtime tutorial!)
  3. Allow to dry. 
  4. Mod Podge to seal the paint (you could use any spray sealant, if you choose)
  5. Adhere letters to blocks
Here's my favorite thing about these blocks:

They fit perfectly with this birthday calendar I made with my women-in-laws!  I have a few other block sets that I change out seasonally.


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