Saturday, January 29, 2011


This simple wreath is interchangeable to save money when you are ready to decorate for a new holiday!

Foam Wreath Form
Ribbon of choice - amount will vary depending on size of wreath
Straight Pins
Candle or lighter or other heat source

Begin by pinning your ribbon to your wreath form and wrapping it around the wreath.

When form is covered, pin the end of the ribbon to finish (note: I burned the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.) 

To make the flower:
Cut various sizes of circles from the same ribbon (or any other satin material you choose).  Heat the edges with a candle or lighter, enough to make the fabric curve, and slightly burn the edge if you want.  Layer the circles and glue or sew them together.  Fill the center of a flower with a ribbon knot, pearl, or anything you choose.   

Pin the flower to the wreath (Note: you can make this permanent by gluing it instead of pinning).

Tie a ribbon to hang it from.  I tied an extra knot in my ribbon so it would hang straight.

Now you have a beautiful wreath that you could easily take apart and re-assemble for any season!  You won't have to worry about buying more forms, or storing them.

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