Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magnet Activity Board Tutorial

I attempted this in two different ways.  Use what works best for you.
NOTE: these involve metal sheets with sharp edges.  Use caution when creating and using these boards.

  • Con-Ttact Paper (or laminating sheets)
  • 5x7" galvanized flashing (can be found at home improvement stores in the roofing area.  Be sure it's galvanized)
  • Paper to cover edges
  • Tape or glue dots
  • Artwork (to be used in next tutorials)
To start, cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide.  Fold them in half over the edges of your flashing.

Cover each edge completely.

I found it easier to glue each strip of paper to the metal before the next step.  Just a little glue dot or something will work.

Cut your Con-Ttact paper into strips long enough and wide enough to cover the paper and onto the flashing on both sides (to hold the paper on).  Mine were 1.5" wide by 5" (7" for the longer sides).

Stick the Con-Tact paper over the paper, again so that it goes onto the flashing.  Trim any extra off and, you're done!

I tried to do this by just running the whole flashing sheet with paper attached through my Xyron with the laminating cartridge.  It worked great, except my magnets wouldn't stick as well because of the extra layer.  If you have stronger magnets, you can just laminate the whole sheet to make it easier.  The blue and yellow one (above) was done by laminating the whole thing then cutting the middle out.  The pink one was done with Con-Tact paper just on the edges.
Another side note, you could just buy a magnet board without sharp edges and stay tuned for the upcoming tutorials for the activities that go with the magnet boards!

Thrifty 'N Crafty is not responsible for any injury that may occur from making or using these boards.  Please use caution and supervise use with children, as they do contain sharp edges.

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